Hannu Krosing wrote:
> Ühel kenal päeval, K, 2007-03-14 kell 10:22, kirjutas Heikki
> Linnakangas:
>> Tom Lane wrote:
>>> At this point I'm feeling unconvinced that we want it at all.  It's
>>> sounding like a large increase in complexity (both implementation-wise
>>> and in terms of API ugliness) for a fairly narrow use-case --- just how
>>> much territory is going to be left for this between HOT and bitmap indexes?
>> I'm in a awkward situation right now. I've done my best to describe the 
>> use cases for clustered indexes. 
> ...
>> Just to recap the general idea: reduce index size taking advantage of 
>> clustering in the heap.

This is what I suggest.

Provide a tarball of -head with the patch applied.

Provide a couple of use cases that can be run with explanation of how to
verify the use cases.

Allow the community to drive the inclusion by making it as easy as
possible to allow a proactive argument to take place by the people
actually using the product.

Proving that a user could and would use the feature is something that is
a very powerful argument.


Joshua D. Drake


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