Tom Lane wrote:
If the planner has correctly predicted the number of rows, the table
loading should be about NTUP_PER_BUCKET in either regime.  Are you
sure you aren't just wishing that NTUP_PER_BUCKET were smaller?

Maybe I wish NTUP_PER_BUCKET was smaller. But I don't think that's the whole story.

The planner estimates definitely play a role in my concern here. For mis-estimated inner relations, the current calculation may over-subscribe the hash-table even if more work_mem was available (that is, there are too many hash collisions *and* memory isn't being used to the fullest extent allowed).

I've been tracking the number of tuples which land in each bucket, and I'd like to see that number go down as I increase work_mem.

I would expect for the same data a hash-join with a work_mem of 256MB to run faster than one run with 32MB; even if the inner relation is only 30MB.

the implementation I've been experimenting with actually takes the average of the current implementation (ntuples/10) and the spill version (work_mem/(tupsize * 10).


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