Hi folks,

I figure - I should start brand new thread for this one - so here you go.

I am in a need for verbose CLUSTER. Ie. one that would give me feedback and progress. Because CLUSTER is divided into two major operations, (data reordering, index rebuild) - I see it this way:

CLUSTER on I: <index name> T: <table name>, data reordering
CLUSTER on I: <index name> T: <table name>, index rebuild

and than:
CLUSTER 12% , etc

(yeah, I know how hard it is to write good progress ..).

I don't have even slight doubt that it can be useful, just like "VACUUM VERBOSE" is. So no question about it.
I am seeking for comments. Ideas.
The patch would not be very intrusive, atm no one is using VERBOSE for CLUSTER, because it is not there. And nothing would change in this area.
I am looking for opinions, on what information should be presented.
Perhaps there's also use for some information it might gather elsewhere (stats, etc) - but that's not really my point atm.

Thanks for all comments.
btw, I would really appreciate not CCing me on this, I am subscribed here for yeaaars now (8.0 times).


Grzegorz Jaskiewicz

C/C++ freelance for hire

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