If you read the autovacuum_naptime into an Interval object once, why can't 
you just use timestamptz_pl_interval ? You won't be using the interval 
input/output repeatedly surely.


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Is there a better way than going to time_t and back?  I am currently
using this:

        db->next_worker =
                time_t_to_timestamptz(timestamptz_to_time_t(current_time) +

(db->next_worker is a TimestampTz, as is current_time.
autovacuum_naptime is integer for a number of seconds)

but it doesn't seem clean, and the comments in the functions more or
less say that their use is discouraged.

I saw about doing it via the interval input/output but that's an awful
lot of work ...

Is this the first time this is going to be done in the backend?

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