Tom Lane wrote:
It turns out that this is because the link command for pltcl includes
-L/usr/lib, so that gets searched before /usr/lib64.  And the reason the
command includes that is that that's what it says in TCL_LIB_SPEC in
/usr/lib/  There is also a /usr/lib64/ which
says the right things, but we aren't finding that because this is how we
determine where to look for

$ echo 'puts $auto_path' | tclsh
/usr/share/tcl8.4 /usr/share /usr/lib /usr/lib64

Perhaps I should lobby the Red Hat guys to change the order of that
result, but really this is more our problem than theirs: whichever
way tclsh reports it, it will be wrong for trying to build Postgres
with the other word width on a multilib machine.

Not the ideal answer, but I've had this in my config script for quite a while now:



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