> This is a proposal for design a new concept for integrated PostGIS
> application and how to implement features to improve tracking information
> about missing people. This application will be useful in disaster
> scenarios, looking for missing kids, rescue kidnapped people, human right
> watch, etc . This task surely is not an easy one but I think it would be a
> great service to the global community and I would really enjoy mentoring
> this project. That is my motivation.

Per my private e-mail, I think you misunderstood.  I was suggesting that you 
find a *student* to propose the project.  Given that we, as a project, are 
responsible for our mentors and the outcome of SoC projects, we really can't 
accept mentors who are not familiar to us.

For that matter, mentors don't get to choose the projects.  The students do.  
We just choose what we want to accept.

If the student proposing the project speaks Spanish, that should not be a 

Josh Berkus
PostgreSQL @ Sun
San Francisco

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