Gregory Stark wrote:
> "Joshua D. Drake" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> Just to throw my two bits in here :). If we do that, how does that
>> effect the idea that most people in the web world use (id serial primary
>> key), even though that is not what they are searching on?
> "affect". But I think you're right that generally you'll have two indexes.
>> More specifically, does HOT help conditions where a composite comes into
>> play (session_id,last_active) ... which would be a more heavily updated
>> index than just the primary key.
> Well if you're indexing a column that you're updating then you've already
> failed your saving throw.

Just for everyone who missed this. Greg Stark obviously spends his time
(or at some time) playing|ed D&D. I have an Epic level Sorcerer, how
about you Greg? ;)


Joshua D. Drake


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