Magnus Hagander wrote:
I just tried building with Bison 2.1 on msvc, and it broke. For one
thing, the .BAT file rejects 2.1 as broken instead of 2.0, which is
obviously incorrect :-)

But the generated C file also does not compile causing the error on, because msvc
doesn't define __STDC__, which causes Bison to generate code it can't
compile.  Defining __STDC__ globally breaks several other places, since
it affects a lot of include files that aren't necessarily others.

The attached patch seems to fix the build issue. Does it seem
acceptable/the right thing to do?

Another option would be to just reject both 2.0 and 2.1 as broken to
build pg with, I guess...

I rolled back to 1.875 to get MSVC builds working. In the longer term, though, falling behind upstream is probably not a good idea. Should this be reported to the bison people?

For now I could live with either of your solutions.



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