Mickael DELOISON wrote:
For a programming language, as it would be for GSoC, it has to be
realized in three month and I believe the utility has to be
cross-platform (anyway I want it to be). So I think Java would be
good. I am very used to Java and Swing programming. What do you think
about that choice? If you feel Java is a bad choice, there is
C++/Boost/wxWidget/ (like pgAdmin). But with wxWidget, I am not sure
if a GUI works under Windows and Linux it will work under MacOS
without hacks.

I just wanted to comment on the wxWidgest-under-OSX part. I works
pretty well, but of course there are some bugs in wxWidgets that
plague only a particular plattform. And since OSX seems to be one
of the lesser used one, there appear to be more bugs of this kind.

But if you grep through the pgAdmin3 sources, you'll find only
little OSX-specific code.

One nice thing about wxWidgets is that applications that use if
feel like native applications on the platforms that wxWidgets
supports. Java-GUIs often feel rather alien, at least IMHO.

greetings, Florian Pflug

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