On Sun, Mar 18, 2007 at 07:30:35PM +0100, Guillaume Smet wrote:
> I have planned to write the operator class as a "contrib" module but I
> couldn't find the link between LIKE operator and text_pattern_ops
> opclass which uses ~=~ and all its variants. Andrew from Supernews
> told me it was hardcoded in the planner so the introduction of this
> new opclass requires a few changes to the planner to take it into
> account for ILIKE.

Er, it's link between LIKE and the ~=~ that's hard coded, however the
link between the operator class and the operator is nothing special,
that's why it's an operator class.

So I think it's easier that you think: just build the operator class
and make sure you use the right operator so the planner uses it. ILIKE
already maps to an operator...

Hope this helps,
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