On 3/17/07, Simon Riggs <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I'm very comfortable with the idea that HOT can be turned on/off for a
table. That gives us a workaround to bugs. Previously, changing things
like WITHOUT OIDS was done over two releases, so I'd suggest the same
thing here. Add the option now, disabled, then look to make it the
default option in the next release. We can override that with the
default_use_hot parameter for those that feel bold, at least initially.
I know Bruce has been long opposed to the idea of a table-level switch,
which is why we've been trying so hard to avoid it. So we should add his
-1 to this idea from the start.

Is fear of bugs a justification of guc setting?  Or is there a
trade-off involved with HOT?


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