Teodor Sigaev <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> 'alter operator class' command isn't "dumpable":
> postgres=# ALTER OPERATOR CLASS name_pattern_ops  USING btree RENAME TO 
> namep_ops;

Sure it's dumpable.  The point here is that name_pattern_ops is a
built-in object and so pg_dump doesn't think it should dump it.
Changing its name doesn't make it not built in.

> That's because command doesn't track such changes in pg_depend or somewhere 
> else. For now that kind of changes doesn't make a significant sense - nobody 
> will change names/properties of system objects, but I'm afraid that will be 
> often for fulltext configurations. How can we avoid such situations?

I think you're going to need to draw a distinction between built-in and
not-built-in configurations.  The canonical way to do this is to put
them into schemas and say the ones in pg_catalog are built in.  And yes,
you need to ensure that there's not a good reason for people to change
the built-in ones.

                        regards, tom lane

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