Andrew Dunstan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> The wrinkle is that applying the tags on the fly is probably not a great 
> idea - the status page query is already in desperate need of overhauling 
> because it's too slow. So we'd need a daemon to set up the tags in the 
> background. But that's an implementation detail. Screen real estate on 
> the dashboard page is also in very short supply. Maybe we could play 
> with the background colour, so that a tagged failure had, say, a blue 
> background, as opposed to the red/pink/yellow we use for failures now. 
> Again - an implementation detail.

I'm not sure that the current status dashboard needs to pay any attention
to the tags.  The view that I would like to have of "recent failures
across all machines in a branch" is the one that needs to be tag-aware,
and perhaps also the existing display of a given machine's branch history.

> My biggest worry apart from maintenance (which doesn't matter that much 
> - if people don't enter the regexes they don't get the tags they want) 
> is that the regexes will not be specific enough, and so give false 
> positives on the tags.

True.  I strongly suggest that we want an interactive search-and-tag
capability *before* worrying about automatic tagging --- one of the
reasons for that is to provide a way to test a regex that you might
then consider adding to the automatic filter for future reports.

> This would be a fine SOC project - I at least won't have time to develop 
> it for quite some time.

Agreed.  Who's maintaining the SOC project list page?

                        regards, tom lane

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