Andrew Dunstan wrote:
> August Zajonc wrote:
>>  The only other nice thing would be user defined precision, but
>> can live without that as most currencies work under 
> That's useless for our system at least. The minimum scale we use for
> money values is 5. I guess we can just continue to use numeric though.

Emailing off list with Andrew I'm reminded of one other feature that
would be potentially valuable in a money type, and that's being able to
specify the method of rounding.

There end up being a number of different rounding methods out there, and
in some cases it is very valuable to critical to follow a certain
method, usually dictated by externalities such as trading partners etc.

This could probably be a compile time flag even for postgresql and is
obviously a low priority behind speed.

Symmetric Arithmetic Rounding
Bankers Rounding

Not sure its worth doing and if so probably a low priority, just
mentioning it for completeness.

- August

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