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Grzegorz Jaskiewicz wrote:
> any idea how this patch is going to play with hot ? or should I just
> give it a spin, and see if my world collapses :D

I've run tests with both patches applied. I haven't tried with the
latest HOT-versions, but they should in theory work fine together.
You'll get a conflict on the pg_stats-views, both patches add
statistics, but IIRC you can just ignore that and it works. I think
there's a conflict in regression tests as well.

Give it a shot and let me know if there's problems :).

Heikki, the signature of heap_fetch is changed slightly (we pass
a boolean to guide HOT-chain following) with HOT. That might
cause a conflict, I haven't tested though.

Grzegorz, if you can try HOT as well, that will be great.



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