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> Andreas,
> On 3/22/07 9:40 AM, "Andreas Pflug" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Wouldn't it be enough to enable having the toast table on a different
>> table space?
> Yes, but the ultimate goal would allow the allocation of a storage mechanism
> that is unique to each column.  The most frequently used mechanism for our
> customers would likely be to have each column associated with it's own
> internal relation (like a separate TOAST table), which puts each column into
> it's own dense page storage.
> Beside the advantages of separating out keys columns from data columns,
> compression and encryption approaches that use column packed data are much
> more effective.
> As Tom points out there are complications WRT update, access, etc that need
> to be worked out to support this, but it's an important capability to have
> IMO.

Hmm.  Are you trying to do something sort of like CStore?


That seems to have some relevant ideas...
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