ITAGAKI Takahiro skrev:

I guess it works well for % but not for _ , the latter has to know, how
many bytes the current (multibyte) character covers.

Yes, % is not used in trailing bytes for all encodings, but _ is
used in some of them. I think we can use the optimization for all
of the server encodings except JOHAB.

The problem with the like pattern _ is that it has to know how long the single caracter is that it should pass over. Say you have a UTF-8 string with 2 characters encoded in 3 bytes ('├ľA'). Where the first character is 2 bytes:

0xC3 0x96 'A'

and now you want to match that with the LIKE pattern:


How would that work in the C locale?

Maybe one should simply write a special version of LIKE for the UTF-8 encoding since it's probably the most used encoding today. But I don't think you can use the C locale and that it would work for UTF-8.


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