> Tom Lane wrote:
>> "Joshua D. Drake" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>>> It should be standard docs imo. PDF is a heck of a lot easier to read if
>>> you have a good PDF reader.
>> Just out of curiosity, what would that be?  I've used both Acrobat and
>> Preview, and I do not like either.
Have you tried acroread recently? Version 7 is much better than previous
version -- at least in that it actually, you know, works...
It still, incredibly, has the stupid 1980s style MDI interface though. But as
long as you're only working with one document at a time it's usable. Much
faster than navigating separate web pages. I don't use it for the Postgres
docs which are reasonable to navigate in HTML, but for something like the SQL
spec where I want to be able to search through hundreds of pages and jump
around repeatedly it's much faster.
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