Bruce Momjian wrote:
Someone has pointed out to me that we have non-PostgreSQL/Berkeley
copyrights on a number of files:
        * Copyright (c) 1999, repas AEG Automation GmbH
        * This is an unpublished work copyright (c) 1992 HELIOS Software GmbH
        * 30159 Hannover, Germany
        *  Copyright (c) 1993 Andrew K. Yu, University of California at Berkeley
        *  All rights reserved.
        ... BSD copyright text follows
        # Copyright 2002 by Bill Huang

I have emailed Andrew Yu to see if we can remove his line, but I
question whether the other people can be reached.

How should we handle this?

We either have to rewrite those parts entirely, or accept them as they are.

Joshua D. Drake


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