This feature (ability to add a message payload to a NOTIFY) is on the TODO list and I had undertaken to implement it. However, pressure of other work has conspired to make that difficult, and Abhijit Menon-Sen recently very kindly offered to help out.

Therer was some discussion of implementation late last year here:

However, in various pieces of off-list discussion it appears that there is some opposition either to the design or to the feature itself. What is more, there will clearly be vigorous opposition to any implementation which does NOT remove the use of pg_listener (which I understand and I think largely agree with).

So, before an investment of any more time is made by either Abhijit or myself, I would like to get confirmation that a) there is broad agreement on the desirability of the feature and b) that there is broad agreement on the general design (i.e. to use a circular buffer in shared memory, of configurable size, to hold the outstanding message queue). Please speak up or forever ....



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