Below is the change log as I see it. I gleaned it from here:


If I missed anything let me know.


Joshua D. Drake

* Fixed preload_shared_libraries on Windows (Bruce)

* Rearrange use of plpgsql_add_initdatums() so that only the parsing of a DECLARE section needs to know about it. Fixes bug that caused a DECLARE within an exception handler tried to reinitialize SQLERRM. (Tom)

* Fixed an ancient local varaiable (re)initializing error in plpgsql's exec_stmt_block. (Tom)

* Fixed bug when localized to_char() day or month names were incorrectly
transformed to lower or upper string. (Bruce)

*  Fix for early log messages getting lost on postmaster startup when
running as a service on Win32. (Magnus)

* Fixed backend crash with incorrect ts_query (tsearch2) parsing. (Teodor)

* Fixed bug in JOIN logic for planning OUTER JOINS. (Tom)

* Disallow commiting prepared transactions from a different database in which the transaction was initiated (Heikki)

* Improve handling of psuedoconstants (Tom)

* Resolved bug with clauseless JOINS and subqueries. (Tom)

* Fixed problem in 8.2 changes that allowed "one-time" qual conditions to be checked at plan levels below the top. (Tom)

* Adjust is_pushed_down to work correctly with INNER JOINS. (Tom)

* Fixed old bug in portal management for FETCH queries. (Tom)

* Allow Win32 pg_dump to create files larger than 2GB (Magnus)

* Made markQueryForLocking() work with nested views. (Tom)

* Fix miscalculation of stats collector's write delay. (Tom)

* Fix inline_function() to work with binary compatible cases. (Tom)

* Allow cube data type to be correctly toastable. (Teodor)

* Fix vac_update_relstats to ensure it always sends a relcache inval message. (Tom)

* Remove unsafe calling of WSAStartup and WSACleanup on Win32. (Magnus)

* Fix race condition in pg_database_size and pg_tablespace_size. (Alvaro)

* Allow POSIX-style timezones that don't exactly many any timezone database entry to be treated as having correct USA DST rules. (Tom)

* Fix longstanding bug with VACUUM FULL handling of update chains. (Tom)

* Fixed uninitialized value in pgstatindex that caused invalid values to be reported in some cases (Tatsuhito Kasahara)

* Insure that read-only queries are truly read-only with SPI_cursor_open. (Tom)

* Fixed 8.2 breakage of domains over array types. (Tom)

* Fixed parser bug (tsearch2) with UTF8 and C locales on Win32. (Teodor)

* Fix pg_wchar_table's maxmblen field of EUC_CN, EUC_TW, MULE_INTERNAL
and GB18030. (ITAGAKI Takahiro).


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