Simon Riggs wrote:

Could we sort the results by System, please? At least as an option.

It's currently fairly hard to review the details to see whether a
particular release level is supported/tested. The sort order changes
over time, which isn't useful.

Build failure emails are issued already, AFAIK, so the sort order on
last build date doesn't seem that valuable.

This page is a dashboard. It shows the latest state of each build system on each branch during the last 30 days.

The advantage to sorting it by snapshot is that you can quickly see when something broke a bunch of builds.

We can certainly provide a different view, or sort it by system name, but I'm not sure that will actually show you what you want. If you want to see the history on a particular system/branch, there is a separate page for that - just click the system's name on the dashboard and it takes you there. The URL is:<systemname>&br=<branchtag>



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