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Greg Smith wrote:
> I have a WIP patch that adds the main detail I have found I need to 
> properly tune checkpoint and background writer activity.  I think it's 
> almost ready to submit (you can see the current patch against 8.2 at 
> ) 
> after making it a bit more human-readable.  But I've realized that along 
> with that, I need some guidance in regards to what log level is 
> appropriate for this information.
> An example works better than explaining what the patch does:
> 2007-02-19 21:53:24.602 EST - DEBUG:  checkpoint required (wrote 
> checkpoint_segments)
> 2007-02-19 21:53:24.685 EST - DEBUG:  checkpoint starting
> 2007-02-19 21:53:24.705 EST - DEBUG:  checkpoint flushing buffer pool
> 2007-02-19 21:53:24.985 EST - DEBUG:  checkpoint database fsync starting
> 2007-02-19 21:53:42.725 EST - DEBUG:  checkpoint database fsync complete
> 2007-02-19 21:53:42.726 EST - DEBUG:  checkpoint buffer flush dirty=8034 
> write=279956 us sync=17739974 us
> Remember that "Load distributed checkpoint" discussion back in December? 
> You can see exactly how bad the problem is on your system with this log 
> style (this is from a pgbench run where it's postively awful--it really 
> does take over 17 seconds for the fsync to execute, and there are clients 
> that are hung the whole time waiting for it).
> I also instrumented the background writer.  You get messages like this:
> 2007-02-19 21:58:54.328 EST - DEBUG:  BGWriter Scan All - Written = 5/5 
> Unscanned = 23/54
> This shows that we wrote (5) the maximum pages we were allowed to write 
> (5) while failing to scan almost half (23) of the buffers we meant to look 
> at (54).  By taking a look at this output while the system is under load, 
> I found I was able to do bgwriter optimization that used to take me days 
> of frustrating testing in hours.  I've been waiting for a good guide to 
> bgwriter tuning since 8.1 came out.  Once you have this, combined with 
> knowing how many buffers were dirty at checkpoint time because the 
> bgwriter didn't get to them in time (the number you want to minimize), the 
> tuning guide practically writes itself.
> So my question is...what log level should all this go at?  Right now, I 
> have the background writer stuff adjusting its level dynamically based on 
> what happened; it logs at DEBUG2 if it hits the write limit (which should 
> be a rare event once you're tuned properly), DEBUG3 for writes that 
> scanned everything they were supposed to, and DEBUG4 if it scanned but 
> didn't find anything to write.  The source of checkpoint information logs 
> at DEBUG1, the fsync/write info at DEBUG2.
> I'd like to move some of these up.  On my system, I even have many of the 
> checkpoint messages logged at INFO (the source of the checkpoint and the 
> total write time line).  It's a bit chatty, but when you get some weird 
> system pause issue it makes it easy to figure out if checkpoints were to 
> blame.  Given how useful I feel some of these messages are to system 
> tuning, and to explaining what currently appears as inexplicable pauses, I 
> don't want them to be buried at DEBUG levels where people are unlikely to 
> ever see them (I think some people may be concerned about turning on 
> things labeled DEBUG at all).  I am aware that I am too deep into this to 
> have an unbiased opinion at this point though, which is why I ask for 
> feedback on how to proceed here.
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