Hi Josh-san.

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We are doing the support including the trouble. It was thought that the
place of JPUG was preferable for the reasons why they were problems too
peculiar to Japan.

Well, some of PostgreSQL's commercial distributors have been pretty surprised when they package PostgreSQL and find out that the main distribution has no Japanese support (I know because I get the confused emails). I've an open offer from the Sun i18N people to help with this, if they can coordinate with you.

Ahh yes, Certainly an offer from SUN of Japan.:-)
Then, The support was done as a volunteer with Honda-san. It seemed to be wonderful that the spread of PostgreSQL promoted it by Solaris.!
The resource is being offered in the place where JPUG was open to the public.
I think that SUN of Japan obtained knowhow that takes there and evades the problem. The support of the resource makes an effort to the utmost though we are volunteers. Satisfactory results proves.! Maybe, the problem is a release speed.... However, It might be the same even if it puts it on official's place...

Hiroshi Saito

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