Neil Conway <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> contrib/tsearch2/dict_syn.c:124: warning: 'slen' is used uninitialized 
> in this function
> Induced by the recent pg_verifymbstr() patch.

Seems to be a genuine bug.  Fixed, but I see a worse problem with this
code: random backend code should not, not, not be using fopen()
directly.  If you lose control to an elog, which is certainly possible
seeing that this loop calls into the utils/mb subsystem, you'll leak
the file descriptor.  Use AllocateFile/FreeFile instead of fopen/fclose.

I find the direct use of malloc/realloc/strdup to be poor style as well
--- backend code that is not using palloc needs to have *very* good
reason to do so, and I see none here.

I'm halfway tempted to change postgres.h to #define these functions to
yield errors, and only allow #undef'ing them in the files that are
supposed to access the C library functions directly.

                        regards, tom lane

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