Kenneth Marshall wrote:
We use DSPAM as one of our anti-spam options. Its UPDATE pattern is to
increment a spam counter or a not-spam counter while keeping the user and
token information the same. This would benefit from this optimization.
Currently we are forced to use MySQL with MyISM tables to support the
update load, although PostgreSQL 8.2 performance is right at the I/O
break-even point for switching databases. With HOT and more optimized
UPDATE I/O, 8.3 would give us enough I/O headroom to switch to PostgreSQL.

Interesting. I've switched from MySQL to PostgreSQL for dspam, because
of concurrency issues with MyISAM which caused bad performance.

I am eager to see how much HOT speeds of my setup, though ;-)

BTW, the "COMMIT NOWAIT" feature Simon Riggs proposed should provide
a huge speedup too, since dspam runs one transaction for each token
it has to update.

greetings, Florian Pflug

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