Bruce Momjian wrote:
> Magnus Hagander wrote:
>> Hi!
>> >From what I can see, the ecpg thread tests (src/interfaces/ecpg/threads)
> Uh, the directory src/interfaces/ecpg/threads doesn't exist.  I assume
> you mean src/interfaces/ecpg/test/thread.

Yes, that's what I mean. Sorry 'bout that.

>> don't ever run. They rely on ENABLE_THREAD_SAFETY to be set, but even when
>> I build with --enable-thread-safety, it's not set. This is because ecpg
>> does not pull in pg_config.h, and also does not specify it on the
>> commandline.
> Yep, that's a problem.  Michael Meskes committed thoses files on
> 2006/08/02 so I am hoping he can address it.

Ok. At least I'm not completely lost then.

I'll see if I can put something together while I do the rest of that
work, but if Michael (or someone else) has a quick-fix, go ahead.


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