Tom Lane wrote:
I seem to remember that we'd agreed that autovacuum should ignore any
globally set statement_timeout, on the grounds that a poorly chosen
setting could indefinitely prevent large tables from being vacuumed.
But I do not see anything in autovacuum.c that resets the variable.
Am I just being blind?  (Quite possible, as I'm tired and under the

The thing that brought this to mind was the idea that Mark
Shuttleworth's open problem might be triggered in part by a statement
timeout interrupting autovacuum at an inopportune point --- some logs
he sent me offlist show that he is using statement_timeout ...

statement_timeout interrupts seem to go through the PG_CATCH-block and clean up the entry from the vacuum cycle array as they should. But a SIGINT leading to a "terminating connection due to administrator command" error does not.

After the recent change in CVS HEAD, CREATE DATABASE tries to kill(SIGINT) any autovacuum process in the template database. That seems very dangerous now, it could easily leave stale entries in the cycle id array. However, it doesn't explain the Mark Shuttleworth's problem because the 8.2 behavior is to throw an "source database is being accessed by other users" error instead of killing autovacuum. Maybe there's something else killing autovacuum processes?

I think we need to add the xid of the vacuum transaction in the vacuum cycle array, and clean up orphaned entries in _bt_start_vacuum. We're going to have a hard time plugging every leak one-by-one otherwise.

  Heikki Linnakangas

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