On 3/30/07, Cédric Villemain <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Le vendredi 30 mars 2007 12:36, Marko Kreen a écrit:
> Patch:
>   http://plproxy.projects.postgresql.org/plproxy_core.diff.gz
Note a perhaps oversight in your makefile :

= --dbname=$(PL_TESTDB) --load-language=plpgsql --load-language=plproxy
= --dbname=regression --load-language=plpgsql --load-language=plproxy

Heh.  The problem is I had 'regression' hardwired into
regtests, so I could not use $(PL_TESTDB).

If the proposal is accespted and we want to always run
PL/Proxy regtests, there should be some dynamic way
of passing main dbname and also connstrings for partitions
into regression tests.

ATM I thought it can stay as-is.  (Actually I forgot that change
after I had done it :)


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