No.  Offhand I think you'd either need to relax EXPR_SUBLINK to allow
> multiple output columns, or invent a ROW_SUBLINK SubLinkType that is
> just like EXPR_SUBLINK except for allowing multiple output columns.
> The latter would probably be less likely to break other things...
Yeah, was looking at EXPR_SUBLINK and its single column use case and drove
to the same conclusion that inventing a new sublink type would be better
too. It is indeed becoming a "not so simple and narrow fix" as you had
mentioned earlier in your first response :)

I have invented a ROWEXPR_SUBLINK type that handles multiple output columns.
The trouble is that since eventually columns of the parents have to be part
of the query's targetList, I am sending the entire subquery as one of the
entries in that list and the targetList gets populated with entries
dependent on the subquery much later via make_subplan.

This breaks code in rewriteTargetList (which expects every list entry to be
of type TargetEntry), and expand_targetlist (which expects the targets to be
present in attrno order, the entries added because of the subquery will not
be in order as compared to normal "SET colname = expr" targets).

Is there a simpler way of doing things? Should I try generating a resjunk
TargetEntry in transformUpdateStmt and have its expr point to the subquery
and see if that works?

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