Here is a proposal to add a client side encoding CP51932. CP51932 is
an encoding for Japanese, defined by Microsoft. It is similar to
existing EUC_JP encoding but some characters are mapped
differently. Unfortunately for most Windows apps "EUC-JP" means
CP51932. As a result, for example, if a web page is encoded with
EUC-JP, web browsers will encode users' input as CP51932 and save data
to PostgreSQL database as CP51932, which is not what PostgreSQL
expects of course. Adding CP51932 <--> EUC_JP conversion should solve
the problem (CP51932 <--> UTF-8 and SJIS should be added too).

If there's no objection, patches for current will be posted for a
review (patches have been develpped by a Japanese developer, not me).

Comments and suggestions are welcome.
Tatsuo Ishii
SRA OSS, Inc. Japan

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