On 4/1/07, Guillaume Smet <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Phil, did you make any progress with your patch?  Your results seemed
very encouraging and your implementation interesting.
IIRC, the problem was that you weren't interested in working on the
"visual/mysqlish" column ordering. As the plan was to decouple column
ordering in three different orderings, I don't think it's really a
problem if your implementation doesn't support one of them (at least
if it doesn't prevent us from having the visual one someday).

I haven't done much with it since February, largely because my
available free time evaporated.  But I do intend to get back to it
when I have a chance.  But you're right, the storage position stuff
I've worked on is completely independent from display positions, and
certainly wouldn't prevent that being added separately.

Is there any chance you keep us posted with your progress and post a
preliminary patch exposing your design choices? This could allow other
people to see if there are interesting results with their particular
database and workload.

Yeah, I'll try to clean things up and post a patch eventually.  And if
anyone feels like working on the display position piece, let me know;
perhaps we could pool our efforts for 8.4.


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