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Heikki Linnakangas wrote:
> I've updated the GIT patch at 
> Bitrot caused by the findinsertloc-patch has been fixed, making that 
> part of the GIT patch a little bit smaller and cleaner. I also did some 
> refactoring, and minor cleanup and commenting.
> Any comments on the design or patch? For your convenience, I copied the 
> same text I added to access/nbtree/README to 
> Should we start playing the name game at this point? I've been thinking 
> we should call this feature just Clustered Indexes, even though it's not 
> exactly the same thing as clustered indexes in other DBMSs. From user 
> point of view, they behave similarly enough that it may be best to use 
> the existing term.
> As a next step, I'm hoping to get the indexam API changes from the 
> bitmap index patch committed soon, and in a way that supports GIT as well.
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