> > ... should we revel
> > in configurability, and allow CREATE TABLE/ALTER TABLE behavior to 
> > vary depending on the current threshold setting?  We'd have to fix
> > toaster routines to not try to push stuff out-of-line when there is
> > out-of-line to push to ... but I think we probably had better do
> > anyway for robustness, if we're allowing any variability at all in 
> > these numbers.
> Actually, upon looking closely at the toast code, it already 
> does the right thing when there's no toast table.  Good on 
> someone for getting that right.  But we still need to think 
> about whether it's sane for CREATE/ALTER TABLE to condition 
> the create-a-toast-table decision on a parameter that may now 
> be changeable.

I think it is ok to decide during creation with current settings.
When a user wants a toast table that has not been created we can direct
them to use some dummy "alter table ... set storage ..." and create a
table if it does not exist (and the new settings opt for one).

And a new threshold has immediate consequences for inline compression,
so a change is not ignored. 


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