I appreciate you efforts, but I'm not sure if this has been discussed

Thanks Markus.

enough. There seem to be two ideas floating around:

  - you are heading for automating the current kludge, which involves
    creating partitions and constraints by hand. AFAICT, you want to
    support list and range partitioning.

  - Simon Riggs has proposed partitioning functions, which could easily
    handle any type of partitioning (hash, list, range and any mix of

When I submitted  the proposal, AFAIR there was no objection to going with
the first proposal. Yes there was a lot of forward looking discussion, but
since what I had proposed (atleast syntax wise) was similar/closer to Mysql,
Oracle I did not see any one objecting to it. I think SQL server provides
partitioning functions similar to Simon's proposal. And all along, I had
maintained that I wanted to automate as far as possible, the existing
mechanism for partitioning. To this too, I do not remember anyone objecting

Our current partitioning solution is based on inheritance. With that in
mind, for 8.3 I thought an implementation based on auto rules creation would
be the way to go.

Having said that, obviously I would want to go with the consensus on this
list as to what we think is the *best* way to go forward with partitioning.

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