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> Hello all!
> This is my first post!  I am interested in finding out what queries have
> been made against a particular database in postgres. The version of Postgres
> is 8.0 running on Mandrake 10.  The queries are made by client computers
> over the network.  What steps must I take to accomplish such a task?  Is
> this even at all a feasible goal?

It's trivial, as you would know if you had read the manual. Of course
it appears that not only were you too lazy to read the manual, you
were too lazy to read the charter of this newsgroup before posting to
it. I have copied it below for your convenience.

"The PostgreSQL developers team lives here. Discussion of current
development issues, problems and bugs, and proposed new features. If
your question cannot be answered by people in the other lists, and it
is likely that only a developer will know the answer, you may re-post
your question in this list. You must try elsewhere first!"

Google groups doesn't find your question on any of the other pgsql-*
lists. Perhaps you should try pgsql-novice or -general?


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