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The people that use it are the people stuck by dogmatic rules about
"every table must have a primary key" or "every logical constraint
must be protected by a database constraint". Ie, database shops run
by the CYA principle.
Or ones that actually believe that every table where possible should
have a primary key.

There are very, very few instances in good design where a table does
not have a primary key.

It has nothing to do with CYA.

That depends on what you mean by CYA.  If you mean, "taking a
precaution just so you can show it's not your fault when the mature
hits the fan," I agree.  If you mean, "taking a precaution that will
actually prevent a problem from occurring in the first place," it
definitely does.

Heh, fair enough. When I think of CYA, I think of the former.

Joshua D. Drake



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