On Sat, Apr 07, 2007 at 06:01:10AM -0600, Josh Tolley wrote:
> Josh just found his passport, which will make giving that talk a lot
> easier ;) As Magnus said, we're aiming at RFC 1697 compliance first.
> Since the RFC's MIB is designed to apply to *any* database, it doesn't
> cover lots of the specific statistics a pgsql person would likely want
> to see, so after the RFC work is done we'll be adding a pgsql-specific
> MIB..

I might be interested in contributing to this effort, if not with
code then at least with discussion and testing.  I'm currently using
MRTG to execute Perl scripts that query the statistics views and
I've been thinking about rewriting those scripts to be AgentX
subagents so they'd be queryable via SNMP.

Michael Fuhr

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