On Mon, 9 Apr 2007, Adrian Maier wrote:

> The other platform I've whined about missing for some time is HP-UX,
> especially on PA-RISC. But that's a whole different story.

there are more obscure and rare platforms(both in terms  that might be a
win for the buildfarm but HP-UX is really missing.


I have access to a PA-RISC machine running HP-UX 11.11. Unfortunately
the machine is on a dedicated network and has no Internet access.

It should be possible to create a mirror of the CVS repository on my machine
(which has access to both the Internet and the dedicated network) so that
the HP-UX server could get the sources from my machine.
But I am not sure whether the results could be reported back to the buildfarm.

I think I'll be able to set up my HP-UX 11.11 box here, as soon as it gets
fixed, and assuming either the bundled compiler will work or I can get
GCC on it.

This will take a week or 2, but I have permission now.

(This box can get out to the internet via our proxy).


Adrian Maier

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