Heikki Linnakangas <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> I've refrained from spending time on group commit until the 
> commit-no-wait patch lands, because it's going to conflict anyway. I'm 
> starting to feel we should not try to rush group commit into 8.3, unless 
> it somehow falls out of the commit-no-wait patch by accident, given that 
> we're past feature freeze and coming up with a proper group commit 
> algorithm would need a lot of research and testing. Better do it for 8.4 
> with more time, we've got enough features on plate for 8.3 anyway.

It's possible that it *would* fall out of commit-no-wait, if we are
alert to the possibility of shaking the tree in the right direction ;-)
Otherwise I agree with waiting till 8.4 to deal with it.

                        regards, tom lane

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