Hi *
I am using the postgresql-8.2.3, with a jdbc-8.2-504.... (the GeoNet
webServer tool...) My question is :
Is the <<PostGresDB>> server able to log the whole <<SELECT>> query?
{made by a prepared statement????}
Looking at the log I can see only queries of the type:


LOG:  execute <unnamed>: SELECT * FROM Metadata WHERE id=$1
DETAIL:  parameters: $1 = '28'
DEBUG:  parse <unnamed>: SELECT schemaId, createDate, lastChangeDate,
source, isTemplate, uuid FROM Metadata WHERE id = 28


The strange is that my query has to search on a "Test vector data" and
in the whole log-file this word <<Test>> is not present!

My desire is to have a line where I can see:
SELECT    bla..bla...bla   FROM   Metadata    WHERE id = "...some
pattern...."   [maybe islike some pattern]

Thx in advance.

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