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Gurjeet Singh wrote:
>     The interface etc. may not be beautiful, but it isn't ugly either!
It is
> a lot better than manually creating pg_index records and inserting them
> cache; we use index_create() API to create the index (build is
> and then 'rollback to savepoint' to undo those changes when the advisor
> done. index_create() causes pg_depends entries too, so a 'RB to SP' is
> much safer than going and deleting cache records manually.

My complaint was not that the API used in the code was non-optimal(which
I think was Tom's issue), but that the _user_ API was not very clean.
Not sure what to recommend, but I will think about it later.

That can be fixed/improved with minimal efforts, but if it is the internal
API usage, or the architecture we're bothered about, then IMO just an
overhaul of the code will not be sufficient, rather, it will require rework
from scratch.

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