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> Hi,
> Shouldn't the final command below cause a 'column "b" does not exist
> create table update_test (a int, b int);
> create table supdate_test(x int, y int);
> insert into update_test values (20, 30);
> insert into supdate_test values (40, 50);
> select a, (select b from supdate_test) from update_test;
>          a  ?column?
> ---------- -------------------------
>         20        30
> Is the problem with the code in colNameToVar or maybe we should add
> in transformSubLink?

I don't think so...the columns of update_test are visible to the
scalar subquery...that way you can use fields from 'a' to filter the
select a, (select y from supdate_test where x = a) from update_test;

Yes this is fine, but in "select columnname from tablename" using column
references of the other involved table is what I am objecting to.


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