Jim Nasby wrote:
> On Apr 11, 2007, at 6:23 PM, Jim Nasby wrote:
>> FWIW, you might want to put some safeguards in there so that you don't
>> try to inadvertently kill the backend that's running that function...
>> unfortunately I don't think there's a built-in function to tell you
>> the PID of the backend you're connected to; if you're connecting via
>> TCP you could use inet_client_addr() and inet_client_port(), but that
>> won't work if you're using the socket to connect.
> *wipes egg off face*
> There is a pg_backend_pid() function, even if it's not documented with
> the other functions (it's in the stats function stuff for some reason).

eh. No worries - my safeguard is just a comment saying 'don't connect to the
same database you are killing the connections of' :-)

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