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Zeugswetter Andreas ADI SD wrote:

Yup, this is a good summary.

You say you need to remove the optimization that avoids the logging of a new tuple because the full page image exists.
I think we must already have the info in WAL which tuple inside the full
page image
is new (the one for which we avoided the WAL entry for).

How about this:
Leave current WAL as it is and only add the not removeable flag to full
pg_compresslog then replaces the full page image with a record for the
one tuple that is changed.
I tend to think it is not worth the increased complexity only to save
bytes in the uncompressed WAL though.

It is essentially what my patch proposes. My patch includes flag to full page writes which "can be" removed.

Another point about pg_decompresslog:

Why do you need a pg_decompresslog ? Imho pg_compresslog should already
do the replacing of the
full_page with the dummy entry. Then pg_decompresslog could be a simple
gunzip, or whatever compression was used,
but no logic.

Just removing full page writes does not work. If we shift the rest of the WAL, then LSN becomes inconsistent in compressed archive logs which pg_compresslog produces. For recovery, we have to restore LSN as the original WAL. Pg_decompresslog restores removed full page writes as a dumm records so that recovery redo functions won't be confused.



Koichi Suzuki

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