Andrew Dunstan wrote:
>>> In cvs the file is marked as dead and gives a reference to cygwin's
>>> w32api.
>>> Maybe the answer is to simply note that the mingw-runtime binary from
>>> sourceforge above 3.9 has a broken sys/time.h (it is not the file from
>>> cygwin but the dead one from cvs).     
>> I think that soudns reasonable. Something for the mingw FAQ. Care to
>> provide bruce with a patch?
> No, that means that we can't build with currently released Mingw, AIUI.
> I think the solution is probably to rename our replacement gettimeofday
> and add a #define to translate the calls. That's pretty much what we've
> done in other cases, and has seemed to be a more robust strategy than
> supplying replacements for standard library routines with routines of
> the same name.

But if I read you right, they're removing it in the next version? That
would indicate that they included it by mistake?

(But sure, in general that's not a bad idea)


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