Our seven students and projects have been officially announced by Google:

 Column-level privilege implementation for PostgreSQL
by Guodong Liu, mentored by Andrew Dunstan
  ER diagraming tool for pgAdmin
by Euler Taveira de Oliveira, mentored by David Page
  Implementing support for read-only queries on PITR slaves
by Florian Pflug, mentored by Simon Riggs
  Full Text Search support in PostgreSQL GUI Tools
by Ivan Zolotukhin, mentored by Oleg Bartunov
  Autovacuum Scheduling
by Germán Poó-Caamaño, mentored by Alvaro HERRERA Muñoz
  Integrity check algorithm for data files
by Robert Mach, mentored by Zdenek Kotala
  [pgUnitTest] Query and stored procedure unit tests for PostgreSQL
by Mickael Deloison, mentored by Mark Wong

This means that we'll have some new beginning hackers on this list very soon. Please treat them well! These can be our future major contributors (aside from Florian, who already is one).

Now, while each of these students has an assigned mentor, that doesn't mean other people shouldn't help. If you're interested in their work, please pitch in.

Note that we'll also be using the pgsql-students mailing list for discussions about SoC itself.

Unfortunately, we only got ONE proposal to work on the buildfarm, and that one was snagged by another project. So I'm going to be proposing that we use SPI funds to get the Buildfarm work done; if anyone knows a likely candidate, speak up.

As last year, if we'd had more slots from Google and more mentors we'd have taken quite a few more projects. Here's a few which may be of strong interest to one or more of the companies involved in PostgresQL; ping me if someone wants a summer intern:

-- Implement modification of postgresql.conf file values via an SQL API
-- Optimizing Aggregate Queries over Joins of Multiple Relations
-- Command line tool for dump PostgreSQL data file structure
-- Asynchronous IO support for PostgreSQL
-- PostgreSQL Zeroconf integration
-- SQL Compliance Flagger
-- AssoRow, an algebraic operator and SQL primitive for mining association rules
-- Ajax Database Monitoring Widgets

--Josh Berkus

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