Alvaro Herrera wrote:
Larry Rosenman wrote:
    I think I found a bug, or at least a POLA violation.  At work, I created
a user that is NOT a superuser, nor can that user create databases.  When I
did a create database foo owner bar, all the schemas are set to be owned by
the superuser that created the database, not the database owner.

    Shouldn't everything that is in the DB be owned by the purported owner?

Right.  This is on TODO:

%Set proper permissions on non-system schemas during db creation

Currently all schemas are owned by the super-user because they are copied from
the template1 database.

I note it is marked with a %, but it's clearly not easy at all.

If it's only schemas I don't see why it would be very hard. If you want that to cascade to all non-system objects, as Larry suggests, it would possibly be harder.

In the most common case it will only be the public schema and that will be empty.



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