Tom Lane írta:
Zoltan Boszormenyi <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
Apart from making the patch a bit smaller again, checking only
for 'i' still allows multiple SERIALs in the same table but lets
disallowing multiple GENERATED ALWAYS AS IDENTITY.
Thinking a bit about it, is it desired to disallow multiple GENERATED
ALWAYS AS IDENTITY fields? It's just a twisted SERIAL anyway.

I don't see the value of disallowing it.

I thought so.

Also, DROP IDENTITY is equivalent with SET DEFAULT
nextval('owned_sequence') iff the field has an OWNED
sequence and it was GENERATED ALWAYS AS IDENTITY before.
Considering that SERIAL is a macro, and SET/DROP DEFAULT is allowed
on IDENTITY/GENERATED columns per Tom's request,
should I keep this statement?

If it's not in the spec I don't see any strong reason to have it...

It's not. Removed.

Also, the current grammar is made to give a syntax error
if you say "colname type GENERATED BY DEFAULT AS ( expr )".
But it makes the grammar unbalanced, and gives me:
bison -y -d  gram.y
conflicts: 2 shift/reduce

You'll have to fix that.  Usually you can get around it by making the
grammar a bit more verbose --- if you were trying to avoid duplication
by means of optional productions, don't do that.

What do you mean by "making it more verbose"?

"GENERATED BY DEFAULT AS ( expr )" is another
way of saying "DEFAULT expr" but that being similar
to GENERATED ALWAYS AS ( expr ) would make
the users think that it would permit smarter expressions
than simple DEFAULT would allow. My thought was
to disallow this in the grammar.

BTW, thanks for the quick answer.

Zoltán Böszörményi
Cybertec Geschwinde & Schönig GmbH

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