Hiroshi Saito wrote:
> Hi.
> From: "Magnus Hagander" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>> I see.
>> But - does it work when build with MSVC6? IIRC, MSVC6 pre-dates windows
>> 2000 and the windows IPV6 support.
>> Can you verify that it works if you manually add this #define and build
>> with MSVC6?
> I don't have IPV6 test environment recently.... However, It has the
> compile environment of VC6, and it is finished finely. Then, win32.mak
> is not the thing of only VC6. And VC 7.1, VC8, and they will be used. It
> should be then supported IPV6 at least.
> What confirmed #DEFINE of IPV6 and built it by VC6 has passed the test
> of IPV4 further again. Therefore, you should make it effective.

I have applied a change for this.


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